Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are back in the great state of Texas. I do not think I have ever wanted to be home so bad. The kids were so excited to see us. We had a welcome sign on the door and many kisses and hugs. I was quick to see that it was back to reality. But, thats ok I missed all the noise!
We flew back in early this morning. I did not post yesterday because we actually decided to get out and see downtown New York City. We decided it was not going to do any good to sit in the hotel room and stare at the walls. It was a "yuck" day. Lots of rain that ended up turning into snow. It was COLD. But, we did see a few things.

These pictures are all from Ground Zero. So sad. I just stood there staring at the holes in the ground; speechless at what all those poor people went through. The museum brought all that to reality. Very Sad! But, so glad I saw it.

A window from one of the planes!

The biggest piece of glass that was found!

One of the firefighers lost; Actually Uniform.

Many Lives Lost!!

The weather got so YUCK that we did not do a lot. We did walk around Time Square some and did some looking.
We saw the Famous Christmas Tree!

Look at all the snow!

So we are home safe and sound! Tomorrow we head down to Dallas to see Wesley's neurosurgeon, discuss everything that was said from New York and I think he will be having a shunt revision fairly quick.
Let me leave you tonight with some Holiday Cheer!!
Here are my Candy Cane Twins!!

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Brandi said...

Hey, I looked for your blog last night but couldn't find it.. I forgot the "S" on Bounds. I will definitely keep u updated tomorrow. Probably late afternoon sometime. I hope your husband is well. Sandi has been talking about you guys a lot. Praying for your family.