Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We made it home. So glad to be home. The first thing Breanna said was, "daddy your boo boo looks like a candy cane". BHAHAHHAHAH. Kyra loved it. She is strange. Like I said, I see a Dr. or nurse in her future. The first thing Blake said, "mommy I really need a ride to Game Stop so I can use my gift card". So, of course I took him.
Wesley has been doing good. He is just worn out and sore. He has not been able to sleep at all. Maybe two hours in the last 24 hours. Maybe the medication, I do not know. But, it is 10:30 and he has been out for two hours. I am hoping he makes it for a while.
Whats everyone doing New Years Eve? I am thinking we will take it easy and play with the kids. OU plays too, so Wesley will want to tune in for that.
So glad to be home!!

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