Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We Made It

Hello New York. We made it.
Everything went smooth this morning and we drove to Wesley's second mother Lisa's in Little Elm. She took us to the airport.
As we got closer to the airport we had time to eat so we all chose a place called Cutie Pies Bar-B-Q. We were thinking, yummy, that sounds great.
We walk in and the waitresses were barely dressed. Hints, "Cutie Pies". All you saw were boobs and bottom. 10 times worse then Hooters. It was so funny. I could not help but laugh. Wesley probably enjoyed the meal, but it was a bit uncomfortable for me. They should had just been naked you could see everything anyway. Ugh. It really goes all over me at how a resturant would have their waitresses dress that way to get business.And then the girls that are willing to dress that way. Then I watch all the men barely eatting their meals because their eyes are feasted on the waitresses.

Everything went very smooth at the airport. No problems with check-in, and no flight delays. Even know I did a lot better then what I thought I would, flying is just not my cup of tea. It just scares me. It was a very bumpy ride for whatever reason. I even jumped up from my sleep one time and grabbed Wesley. But, overall it went well. Sorry, I am just not going to be one of those people that love to fly.
I set and watched all the people that you could tell flew all the time for business. I found myself, just wondering what it would be like to be in their shoes. I also found my mind wondering off and thinking about all the people on the flights on 9/11. What were they thinking? I just can not imagine.

Here is our view going UP UP UP!

Here is what I did most of the time, thanks to the motion sickness medicine.

Landing in NY.
We had a taxi service pick us up. I have already figured out how different things are here.
We walked across to a Subway by our hotel for dinner. Wesley says as we are checking out, "I would like 3 cookies, they are 3 for a $1.00, right"? The man just looked at him and said no "1.50". BHAHAH. So far everyone has been pretty nice, besides our taxi driver. I was quit scared at his driving,lol.

The kids are good. Kyra has already had melt downs and really misses me :(

Wesley did a lot better then what we had feared. He is worn out and is already alseep, he only slept two hours last night. Hopefully he gets some much needed rest. Tomorrow will be a long day. Lots of testing. We made it, praise God and so far so good. Will give you another update in the morning. Goodnight All.

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Tina Martin said...

Kristy... I love your blogs!! I always feel like I am right there with you. Love the pictures .. I love to fly at night and see the city lights twinkling. I am so glad you had a good flight and seem to be settling into NY. We love you and Wesley so much and will be praying for you! and the kids :-)
Tina Martin