Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What We Find In Jesus

I received this on a Christmas Card, and I wanted to share it.

What we find in Jesus.
We find peace, and the Prince of Peace;
We find righteousness, and the Righteous One;
We find counsel, and the Counselor;
We find wonders, and the Wonderful One;
We find salvation, and the Saviour;
We find the Kingdom, and the King. - Roy Lessin
In Jesus, we find more gifts than our hearts can ever imagine.

The last two days I have really been struggling. I am not a fake person, infact nothing bothers me more then fake people. I will tell you that I do not always understand and tend to let my faith slip from time to time. I do not always have it together and I get mad and upset. I never lose sight of God though, but the last two days my faith has really been slipping.
Not only with our situation, but others too. I have a friend suffering, I have heard of a child with Brain Cancer; there are so many stories. It is hard to understand.

In our situation, I know things could be so much worse. And, I have those people that tell me that. Not sure if they are trying to make me feel worse or better; thats a different story.
I do feel so blessed. As much as I feel like I just do not understand at the same time I feel like God has blessed us and keeps blessing us.
We would had never knew about Kyra if we would not had went to NY. We would had let it go and worst damage could had been done. We would had not gotten any peace concerning Wesley. As blessed as I know we are, I am scared. I am mad. The last two years has not been good. I have never experienced anyone living with so much pain. And now to even think that Kyra has the same disease. Just because it was caught early means nothing. Chiari is a horrible disease and affects everyone different. And if Chiari was not enough Kyra also has a pitutary gland problem. From what I have read about this it may not be good. And, thats what scares me the most is I do not know. I know nothing. I feel like we are starting all over. You never know what the next day will bring. Kyra had a good last week and then the last two days she has been sick.
The unknown of Wesley. Will this surgery work? Maybe by him a few years. A week from now we will be vacationing in the hospital. We joke about that. Vacation at the hospital. Tomorrow we go for Pre-Op. They will do all the blood work, etc.

Enough of the pity for me. I can not be strong everyday and like I said I will not pretend like I am either. Today I am not.

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