Sunday, January 17, 2010


I appreciate everyone's comments, infact I love getting them. I love leaving comments too; on other blogs. I was really bothered by a comment today. I am not for sure who it was from and I do not care.
I was told to be Positive. Let me say that I feel like I have done a pretty darn good job of being positive through the past two years. I was also told that there is LIFE after Chiari and that it can be FIXED. In most cases YES, it can be fixed. But that does not mean that your symptoms are gone.Infact FIXED, means patching your brain back up, which helps deal with the symptoms. There are over 80 symptoms that can come with Chiari. There is no CURE. In some cases like my husband, he will always live with Chiari problems. Yes, there is LIFE after Chiari. I have always said that things could always be worse.
I hope whoever you are that your Chiari was FIXED and that you are 100% without any lasting symptoms. My husband is not and we were told by one of the number one surgeons in the US that he will never be.He is also dependent on a shunt, thanks to Chiari. That is far from not being positive. That is reality. The POSITIVE in me, knows that we will be fine. My husband makes the best out of everyday. He is a trooper and I am so proud of him. We thank GOD everyday.
Off that soap box.

Things are a little touchy tonight. My heart is very heavy. My aunts husband, Bobby Gunn just found out that he has a massive brain tumor. We now know it is bleeding. He is being transported to a hospital in the Dallas area. Thats all we know right now. Please lift him up in prayer.

I had posted a few days ago about Wesley's aunt, her mother (Choweta), that was in the car accident. She is having surgery tomorrow on her neck. She seems to be improving a little everyday. She still has a long road ahead of her.

Before Wesley got sick I never realized what power there is in prayer. I know from personal experience that there is great POWER in prayer. Please lift Bobby up in prayer and please continue to pray for Choweta.
My prayers have become very long. There are so many suffering. I lift each and everyone up. Because I know that PRAYER works.


Jennifer said...

Girl, I know you in real life and you are seriously one of the most positive people!! The fact that you have a smile and continue to believe that God will heal Wesley really encourages me. You always ask what other people need you to pray for and want to know how you can help others. You don't let your own life get you down. Everyone has rough days and I'm surprised you don't have more. You should not have to defend yourself. Just remember you have so many of us who know you and love you!!

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