Monday, January 11, 2010

Doors Open and Doors Close

God is amazing. You never know when God will open a door or when one will close. Today as door has open for me. Thats all I can say right now. But, I ask that you say a prayer for me. If this door is meant to close it will. If it is meant to stay open it will. I just want to make up my mind about my career and this door will help. :)

So, our bedroom was flooded. I was not going to call the insurance company, because I figured the deductible would out way the damage. Well, maybe I have changed my mind. It ruined the carpet. The smell is so bad. I am sleeping with Haley tonight :)
In the morning I am calling the insurance company. Ugh.. We will see. Another thing to mess with.

Wesley is back at work on light duy. This was his second night. He is doing pretty well. Are his headaches gone? NO. We think the pressure settings need to be changed. But, right now it is not bad enough to call the Dr. So he plans to wait the three months. Basically, give it more time. A week from Kyra's appt. So ready to KNOW. I just want to know what we are looking at . Good or bad.

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