Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home Again

Wesley ended up back at home. The good news is he stayed out of the ER. It is now 11:30 and he is doing better. Just a bad day. Hopefully tomorrow is better. I keep telling him and myself, two more days and we trust God and the Dr.'s that relief is in sight.


Little Tiff said...

I am starting my Chiari journey and I have a blog on here also any advice or help you and your husband could provide would be greatly appreaciated. My herniation is 1.14 cm Please help

Sandi said...

Good luck. I am so praying for you so much right now. I hope Wesley gets the relief he so deserves and needs. God bless you.

Cassandra said...

I will be thinking of Wesley for his upcoming surgery and sending healing thoughts. I pray that this surgery will offer him some relief from the relentless pain.