Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am back and happy to be!!!

I miss blogging so much, the truth is I just can not find the time. As I think everyone knows I am working full time now. I have a case load that consists of about 20 families, so you can imagine. I love my job. Somedays can be hard, but it is rewarding. God knew exactly what he was doing when he put me in this role. It fits me perfectly. I love helping people and of course children.
But, still my number one job is being a mom. I am still going ninty to nothing being a mom. Before I give a much needed update on Wesley, let me share the kids with you.
They are doing very good. Growing so fast. School has started.
Haley is in the 7th grade. She is hoping to play Volleyball. Haley loves the youth group at our church. She spends a lot of time with them.

Blake just had a birthday. We surprised him and had two friends over and we all went bowling. He had a good time. Blake just started the 3rd grade. It just seems impossible. He is playing flag football again this year.

Kyra and Breanna are both going to Pre-K together. Kyra is in the 4 year old class and Breanna is in the three year old class. Their classes are right next to each other. They both really love it. Their teachers really brag on them. I was a bit worried about Breanna since she has never stayed anywhere, but she did just fine.

Breanna Grace

2010-2011 School Year!!

Wesley has kept getting worse and the Dr. (one in Dallas) has been working along with the Dr. in Austin and he has decided to remove his shunt on Wednesday Sept. 1st and see if he can live without it. He feels it it causing more problems then good. The Dr. believes that at one time Wesley did need it, but no longer. So he will be having brain surgery on the 1st. The shunt will be taken out and then he will be monitored for brain swelling. If all goes well, then it will be kept out. I will not even discuss what happens if his brain starts to swell. I will not think about that!! We are praying that this is his last surgery. Our prayer is that the Chiari Surgery holds up and the patch stays in place and he never has to be opened back up. Awww.. How amazing that would be!!
We thank you in advance for your prayers. Keep them coming. You would think the surgeries would get easier, but they do not. Still lots of fear and unknown. I will update after surgery and as the hours go by.

So much more I would love to say about Chiari, but I promise to keep the blog up and start posting more. I miss it so. I do want to say that we have found a top notch children's surgeon that Kyra will start seeing after the 1st of the year. 2011. She has to get checked once a year for now. My prayer is that hers never gets worse. Right now she is doing very well.


Sandi said...

Hey, so glad to see you are back to blogging. Can't wait for the update on Wesley after the surgery. Dr. Kemper is wonderful. I was just released from him since I am doing great and all my mri's and test looked awesome. I am praying for you all.

cWa said...

I am so glad you are back! I was just wondering the other day what the update was with Dr. Kemper & Wesley. September 1st is almost here! I will definitely be praying for the doctors and Wesley and you along with the rest of your family. My hope is that Wesley will be relieved from the pain! Please do keep us updated!