Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Doctor Down

You will be proud to know that I finally went to the doctor. I was sent directly for a sonogram, guess what there is no baby. HA. I lay there thinking, what would I do if the lady found a baby, haha. No baby, just organs.
She focused on my gall bladder and basically by what I am being told, the sonogram will only show BIG stones. I had no big stones, so the test was negative. We still know nothing.
The doctor is still leaning towards my gallbladder. She thinks maybe I have what they call gravel; a bunch of little stones. Next step is a function test. I should find out when that will be soon. If that test clears my gall bladder then she wants to run an Upper GI. I am really not in a big hurry, maybe I should be, but I feel that it can wait until after Christmas. I say that because I have felt pretty good today, ha.

I did manage to get my Christmas cards mailed today, well most of them. Guess what, I have a mistake on them. UGH!! Really makes me sad. I guess that is what I get for completing them at midnight. I hope it is the thought that counts. I sent them anyway, what choice did I have?

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