Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Update

I had planned for this update to come sooner; Wesley is having a rough time.
We arrived yesterday and surgery was delayed until 1:30; because of the surgery before Wesley. Wesley already had a bad headache, so some pain medicine was given. Before surgery we were able to laugh a little, joke, and talk about all the surgeries.

The number is 10 and I pray it is the last.
1. July 2008 Chiari Malformation Decompression Surgery

2. August 2008 (Complication-got meningitis in his brain)-Lumbar Shunt was put in and he was at Baylor over two weeks.

3. October 2008 Lumbar Shunt did not work so a VP shunt was put in the right side of his brain and routed to his stomach.

4. Shunt tubing not agreeing with stomach. Dr. went in and cut it shorter, now up by his ribs.

Changed to a different Neurosurgeon and hospital.
5. New doctor changed out the tubing with a different one thinking that the body was not agreeing with the material it was made out of.

6. Shunt not working promply. Dr. White (Awesome, still Wesley's Dr.) went in rerouting the tube to his chest wall.

7. Shunt valve quit working. Went in and changed out the valve. Also changed to a programmable value.

8. Sick, horrible headaches Etc. It was decided in Dec. 2010 to take the shunt completely out, since this was all caused from meningitis and see if he had quit mass producing CSF fluid. A metal plate was put in to cover the hole in his head.

9. Body rejected the metal plate and he got an infection. Dr. went back in took the metal plate out. This was Feb. 2011. Since that time he has been miserable with horrible headaches, throwing up, etc.

10. AND HERE HE IS. The doctor has determined that Wesley will be shunt dependent for the rest of his life. For what ever reason when someone gets Meningitis in their brain the brain starts mass producing CSF fluid and sometimes never stops. When the Dr. got in there yesterday his brain was swollen and way to much fluid.
Because of how many times he has been cut open the doctor went in the left side of his brain this time. Doctor said to me, "I hope you do not mind all the scars". HAHA really?!?! I could care a less about the scars I want him to feel better.
The shunt is rerouted down by his ribs. The reason is because this is the best position long term. A different material has been used again; and our prayer is that his body does not reject anything.
The CT Scan was ran this morning and the shunt is in there correctly and flowing. Now, we just wait.
After getting into a room last night he got really sick, throwing up, head bleeding etc. It was bad. Very long night for him.
Now the throwing up has stopped, but not much progress has been made yet. He is not eatting, walking, anything. Still in a lot of pain. Will update again soon.

My love for him has grown even more. He is amazing; what a tropper. My hero!!!
Thank you for all the prayers, texts, calls, etc. Keep Praying!!!

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Heather Keener said...

Your sweet family has been through so much! My thoughts and love go out to each of you. You are right! He is such a toughy. I see him out and about, and you would never know he has been through so much! I wish him a safe and speedy recovery! <3