Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bad Days

You can have a bad day and then come home and read this:

Kyra is learning to write her own sentences in Kindergarten. They get no help and just do the best they can.
Along with a picture this is what Kyra wrote:
"This weekend was fun because I got to wak my dog. This weekend was fun because I got to play out sid blown bubs".

She did an awesome job and this just made by night after a very long day. The last sentence was, "This weekend was fun because I got to play outside and blow bubbles". The Easter Bunny had bubbles in Kyra and Breanna's baskets :)

Wesley had his post-op appt. yesterday and had the staples removed. He reports that it really hurt and then after that he was toast the rest of the day. Felt like poo! He is off work another week. Because of his history with infections, the Doctor did not want to chance it. Good call I think!!
He is still trying to get back to himself; not for sure that his body even knows what that is.

Today I got a few appts. made that have been on the back burner. I got all dentist check-ups made for all the kids. The lady making the appts says, "what about you and your husband". I said, "HA, well after I make those four co-pays I will have to wait until the next payday".
Kids come first!!
I have been having some issues with Kyra's MRI and the insurance; so we are working on that and I should have a date soon.

I need a nap!!!

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