Monday, April 2, 2012

In my favorite spot...

Outside on my favorite bench feeling the breeze. Had to get out of the room.
Don't worry I have been given warnings about the "people" of Parkland; I am in a gated part and noone is getting to me. That's not stopping some of Dallas "weirdo's" from walking by staring; but they can't get me. I already have planned out in my head what I will do if they jump the fence. HAHA-Noone wants me that bad, really!!

Well today's goal was to stop the Heavy Pain medicine so that tomorrow we can go home. Well he got his last shot I believe around 9am. After around noon, the day has been rough. They are trying to figure out the best combination that will help to send him home. I know everyday that passes he will improve. We pray!
So, "I think" we are going home tomorrow but we will see how the night goes.

Today was a quite day with my work phone, Praise God. I have been trying to do computer work as much as I can, so that everything does not pile up. My plan is to work Wednesday and Thursday, we will see.
Haley goes for her MRI on Friday morning and the kids are out of school so I will have to take off Friday.

Kyra Lou had a headache at school this morning. Had one last week too. The school nurse is awesome, I have medicine for Kyra at school and the nurse knows what to do and her headache gets better quickly. But, she always lets me know and I am glad she does because I keep a journal on them for the doctor. Does not mean every headache is a Chiari Headache, but we bet that most are.

Well I guess that is my two sense for the night. Wesley does seems a bit down tonight, I know he will feel better when he is home. He did get to shower!! Praise God for the small things!!

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