Monday, April 16, 2012


I wanted to post this when I got to work today because it was on my mind, but that did not happen.
If anyone has any suggestions on how to make your morning routine go any easier please let me know, ha! I am always trying to think and figure out something I can do to help.

My Morning....
First off I am not a morning person so this does not help matters any and I do not like coke or coffee. I try to get up around 6:00-6:15 and get myself ready before getting the kids up.
Well today I was running behind. I jump up and jump in the shower. God Bless Haley she is such a big help. Haley is a morning person and is always up and ready before I get up. Infact she wakes me up.
While I am getting dressed Haley wakes the kids up. I am at least dressed and can start helping. I say "we" during the rest because Haley helps. We get breakfast on the table. Usually waffles, cinnamon rolls, cereal, or something like that. This morning it was waffles. Get everyone fed. At this point the kids think it is time to laugh, goof-off, etc. and I am not in the mood.
Everyone is down and starting to get dressed. I TRY to have all the clothes laid out the night before; this does help. While getting dressed someone starts a fight, never fails, someone gets mad and I have to break that up.
Kyra is not a morning person and is always crabby; Blake is a clown and makes her mad.
Everyone is dressed and that is never an easy task. While they were getting theirselves dressed and I have told them 50 times to quit talking, playing and get dressed; I am blowing drying my hair. (Note... I was running behind this morning shame on me)
My hair is half dry and we do shoes. I have to assist the little girls.
I usually then hear some type of complaining. This morning Kyra, "mommmmmmmmmmyyyyyy my leg is hurting baaaddddd". Me, "you probably slept on it wrong, you will be ok". Kyra, "mommmmmyyyyy it hurts". wine wine wine, until she forgets that it hurts.. At this point my mood is going south quick.
Shoes are on and we brush teeth and fix hair. Breanna has to have a bow in her hair everyday, or she is not happy; so we always grab a bow.
I try to have a lunch half packed the night before but that usually never happens. So if they do not like the tray choice and are not eatting at school I throw together a lunch. Backpacks are laided out the night before, everything signed, etc. They lay by the door. If I have any time at all I try to finish my hair, grab my shoes etc. My make-up is usually put on in the car after I dropped Breanna off.
Everyone grabs everything that is theirs by the door and we load up. Usually when we get to the car I have forgotten something for work, etc. and have to run back in. We are NEVER on time or very rarely.
I drop Haley off first, then drop Blake and Kyra off and my last stop is Breanna's Pre-K. After I got all of this completed this morning I was worn out because it was just one of those "Monday's" that did not go smooth.
I then quickly put my make-up on and pull out and get to work. I am usually at work by 8:30-8:45.
I always wonder is there anything else I can do to help with time, fights, etc.. HAHA!!

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