Friday, April 13, 2012

Some Thoughts...

I want to share a thought and something I am praying about. I already know that a lot of you out there will probably think I am CRAZY; but I have learned the HARD way that I can not worry about what everyone thinks. All I can worry about is my family and pleasing God.

Back Up.... I have already shared what I do at my job. I have seen a lot, some not good. But, I love my job. We are helping children and you all know how much I love kids.

For many many years I have always said I wanted to one day do Foster Care and just take in one or two children. Then I got my job, which was exactly what God knew I wanted. I would want to Foster to Adopt; because I am longing to one day give a child a loving forever home that they will not get any other way.
I have made the decision that Foster Care is not for us. I want to be able to continue working, etc. and I could not Foster in our county because I work with Foster Children, etc.
I want to someday, will not be in the next year and may not even be in the next three years.
We know that we are done having our own children. With that being said I am praying very hard to God to lead us in the right direction and to also open Wesley heart and mind. He is not as open to the ideal as me. I know we both have to be on board with a decision this big, so it may never happen, but I know my husband and I think he just needs some time.

Adopting without Fostering to adopt is not cheap. Basically right now I am just doing some research and praying. We will see. I just wanted to share what was on my heart.
I see so many children that do not have a permanent loving home and I long to give this to a boy or girl. He or she would be so loved.

He or she would fit right in!!

Right now just some thoughts and prayers.. From ME :)

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Anita Johnson said...

Thank you for sharing! Your family is beautiful and, in the right time, with the approval of your husband, I am sure that God will open up that RIGHT door for you to step into and bless you!