Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Feel Comfort..

Today has been a much better day emotionally for me. Wesley has been a little better today. We will take it!
This morning I had a lady from church call me. Bless her heart, she made my day. She has been in my shoes before. It was so nice to talk to someone that I felt like understood. She did not think we are crazy. Not that everyone does, but at times like his you just feel alone. You sometimes feel like no one cares, when in reality a lot of people care.
Today I got more paper work squared away. Wesley has an MRI set up for Friday at 1:00. After that we go right to the post office and send everything to New York. They should have it by Tuesday and the nurse is going to present to the Dr.'s on Wednesday. We should know on Wednesday an appt. date. There should be no reason why the Dr.'s will not accept him. I have to say though, thats my fear!
So until then we have patience and we wait.

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