Monday, September 28, 2009

Tough Day

Today has been tough! Wesley has had a bad headache since Saturday night. It just has not let up. But, to top it off he has a cold with a bad cough. He is such a trooper. As sick as he was, he went to work. He came home at dinner break and slept and then went back to work. He is so strong, even know he is so weak. Does that make sense.
Today was tough on me. Today I was overwelmed with "why"? Why, Wesley? Why, us? Why, does this continue? Why, Why, Why!! Today it was hard to have the faith that I usually have. I know it is ok to have days like that.
I spent all morning talking to the nurse at the Chiari Hospital. I had to obtain MRI's, progress notes, etc. I still do not have it all. Ugh.. Patience. You would think I would have some by now, but I do not. She was shocked by everything Wesley has been though. She presents her findings to the neurosurgeons every Wednesday morning. So it will probably be next Wednesday, since we are still getting paper work. He may even have to go get a new MRI done. We will find that out tomorrow. So another week before we get an appt. This is if the Dr.'s will even see him. Ugh.. Patience.
I am disappoined with some people in my life. At times like this you just feel alone, even know you have so many people praying for you. But, I can not dwell on things like that right now.
For now, I will say my prayers, go to bed and get back up and start a new day.

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