Thursday, September 24, 2009

A New Day

A New Day! We almost have the paper work finished. Our goal is to fax it all tomorrow. The lady said we should get in within 3-4 weeks. This is great. If we can get the appt., I know everything will fall into place. Our insurance is going to pay 50%, so thats better then nothing. We have to have $550.00 down. I have no clue what we will be out total. God will provide. I just want Wesley well. I do not care anymore about pride, credit, nothing. I want Wesley to be well. I can not even explain what this all has done to him physically and mentally.
We can use any help we can get. If you would like to donate we have an account set up at American Bank. Wesley Bounds Medical Account. If you are not local, e-mail me at I will give you our address. Most of all keep praying. And pass this on. Over the next week I really want to fix the blog to where others can get information on Chiari Malformation.

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