Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Update on Wesley
We are back from Dallas. Long tough morning for Wesley. The Dr. ended up having to do a tap on his shunt to drain fluid. The shunt was draining, but very slow. This can mean many things. The Dr. is sending him to a new neurologist that works at Southwestern University. He should be seeing her soon. The Dr. wants to try more medicine first. The only other option is surgery to revise that shunt. With the shunt draining slower, he may get worse, pretty quick. But, we pray that medicine will work. So, now we wait. If he gets worse, he will go for surgery quick. If he stays about the same, new medicine is going to be used to see what happens. Thank you all for your continuous prayers. This is so tough on Wesley. He is so young and just feels like he will never be better, that it just seems to be one problem after another. Please continue to have him in your prayers. I will update with any changes. Kristy

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J08 said...

Kristy, thank you for the update, I have had ya'll on my mind all day. I am praying for the new medicine to work for Wesley.