Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Year Ago

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a good day for me. My birthday usually always is. Last year it was a good day. But, I remember August 29. I will never forget August 29 and the 30th. August 29, 2008 Wesley seemed to be healthy after his July 7th surgery. I was at home packing. Wesley was working. We were getting up early on the 30th to head to an OU game. About 9pm, I had all the kids in bed and had just finished packing. Let me back up; at 6pm Wesley came home for supper and was fine. Around 9pm he called me and said he was not feeling well. He felt like maybe he had a stomach virus. But, he thought maybe it would pass. He made it until 11pm and got off work. When he came home he was as white as a sheet. He laid down on the couch, I got him a wet rag and stayed up and watched him. He felt like he was going to throw up any min. Around 12am, he started throwing up every 30 mins all night long. He could not keep anything down. By, 6am I canceled the hotel and we knew the OU game was out of the picture. We thought he had a very bad tummy bug or something. Around 7am, Wesley was completely out of it. He did not know what was going on, it was very scary. I called my mother over to keep the kids and I took him to TMC ER. From this point on he remembered nothing. He was so sick. After hours and I mean hours. The ER Dr. kept pumping him with fluids and said he had a stomach virus. I explain his brain history and I knew something was not right. That Dr. did not care. He even did a CT Scan and found nothing. Finally after Wesley's father coming and raising the roof off the hospital; I went to the Dr. and said please call his neurosurgeon, just to make sure he does not think it is brain related. As soon as the neurosurgeon heard everything, he said to get him down to Baylor, ASAP. Around 4pm, Wesley was taken to Baylor. I drove straight down with my mother and never left his side for the 14 days he was there. Besides the ICU nights, I got to sleep on a table. But, it was my choice I was not leaving. To make the story short, he had Pseudo Tumor, which is your brain swelling due to excess fluid. It is a rare brain disease. No clue why it happen and we will never know. The Dr. said, if he would had been sent home from TMC or would had never went to the ER, he would had died. The next 14 days were hell. There is not another word for it. And here we are a year later and he is still suffering from the disease. The shunt was put in different places until it was finally drained to his chest.
The past month he has been sick which bad headaches that make him sick. We do not know whats going on at the point. Hopefully after Tuesday we will.
So today I think back and thank God for saving Wesley. I know he will get better.

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