Thursday, October 15, 2009


At least we know that six days from now we will have a date. If nothing else happens. Today was a rough morning. We had heard we would get a date today, but that can not happen. She was very polite today and this is how the process goes.
1. Send in paper work along with anything else the nurse says they need.. DONE
2. The Nurse decides if he needs to be there and if so it goes to the review broad.DONE
3. The review broad. This is what will happen the 21th. The Surgeons look at everything. See if anything else is needed and how fast he needs to be seen; by looking at MRI, etc.
4. Appt. Within a few weeks to a month after review broad.
Like a friend said this morning, "getting into specialist take time", and actually ours is happening pretty fast". And she is right. That we have to be thankful for and move along.

I had to go to the mall to get some vitamins. I decided to sit in the food court and eat me a corndog and enjoy some quite. As I ate, I noticed a man, that I had seen many times before that is homeless. He sits in the mall during the day. He was eatting something out of a can. I realized as I always do how very blessed I am. And, how could I be down today. We have so much to be thankful for. As I got up and dumped my tray, I gave him a $5.00 bill. The look on his face just warmed my heart. I went to a store and when I walked back by he was eatting a warm meal. Made my day!!

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