Friday, October 16, 2009

Wednesday Will be Busy

Wesley Neuro. here in Dallas called back today regarding the MRI report and new medication to try and get the pain under control. He wants to see Wesley. Wednesday the 21th. What a busy day this will be. Hopefully answers and an appt. to NY. He stated it was hard to gather anything from the MRI report; he did not have firms just a report. He stated that he has set aside to slots for Wesley and wants to do a detailed examination. ABOUT TIME!! AMEN!! He just has to hold out until then. He did not do anything with medication until he sees him. I think it is safe to go ahead and go there on Wednesday and let him run tests. Who knows. I still think NY is going to be needed. But, these tests and information will also help NY. The neuro. of course would not be the one to perform a surgery anyway and Wesley's surgeon is not on the same page with us anymore. So NY is still, we think, going to be the answer. But, we know it is going to be weeks, so Wesley needs something to get him by until then for pain.
So Wednesday will be a busy day. And it's already Friday.

We also heard from NY again. She explained the whole process and was very sorry for all the mix up. Bascially Kathy (nurse that is on vacation), she decides who is bad enough to be seen, and she takes it to the review broad. So he needs to be seen, now the surgeons just have to look at everything and see what else we need (if anything), and how fast they want to see him.

Many have e-mailed about wanting to know about the rumors, etc. Sorry, I have not responded to everyone. Bascially all I need to say, is people are just running their mouths because they have nothing better to do, I guess. I have plenty for them to do here at my house, maybe I should call them up.

And this is something from my heart that I feel I need to say. We appreciate everything people are doing for us. I really think we would not be able to cope with out you all. The prayers are amazing! One rumor that has been very hard to swollow. Anyhow, money. I want everyone to know that anything that is donated is going into the American Bank account for medical expenses. Whether you take money to American Bank or you donate on our blog, it goes into that account. This account was set up about a year ago to help with medical expenses which is what it has always been used for. I can not even explain all the medical bills. At present time we are letting it build to pay the medical bills, medication,NY trip, and anything medical in between. I feel I should not have to explain this, but it is so hard on us when you hear the rumors. Anyhow, thats all I need to say. But, I want everyone to know that.
God Bless

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jannie said...

Rumors..First let me say that I have not and do not want to hear any rumors. Next, remember Luke 6:45 speaks to this very subject. The good man brings things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up to his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.
Don't let it worry you, it didn't bother Christ!
Much love,