Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a Blessing..

Healthline Medical where I used to work held a benefit garage/bake sell for us today. I went last night and helped organize. And, I kid you not the whole store was FULL of items people had donated. It lifted my spirits so much. This morning we were there early and the day could not had gone any better. God was shining down on us. People were so kind. People we knew, people we had NEVER met. I met someone that was kin to Wesley, that I did not know. I met a lady that her daugther has Chiari. It has been 11 years, and she is doing great. And, none of her children are showing signs. Healthline sold hotdogs, there were bake goods. I had a fun day. I enjoyed being there, I enjoyed seeing everyone. It was great. We profitted a GREAT amount of money. A lot more then I would had ever dreamed. It is going to help more then I can even say. I do not know how I will thank everyone enough. But, what a blessing today was. God. I am telling you, it was ALL God today!

Wesley is just hanging in there. He has been better then somedays. So that is great. His head and neck have been hurting pretty intense at times, but no throwing up or anything in the past couple days. Hearing is still messed up. It comes and goes in one ear. Only three more days and I feel like we will walk one step forward. Not for sure if that will be with his Dr. here or NY or both.

The kids are great. Kyra had her first Halloween party last night at her gymnatics center. She had so much fun. Here she is Minnie Mouse.

This photo made me realize how much Kyra is growing up. She looks older :(
Here is her Pre-K photo.

After taking Kyra to her party, I spent sometime with just Haley. We went out to eat. She helps me so much, not to mention she made the honor roll the first six weeks of middle school. So proud of her!

This has been a really good weekend for me. I hope that is a hint that the week will be great too :)

Before you go, please check my sidebar, click on the ICON and please pray for The Cripe Family. The mother has cancer and has been told she will not live until Christmas. She has two children with health problems and also her husband has health problems. Please include this family in your prayers.

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