Sunday, October 18, 2009


I love Sunday's. Me and the kids went to Sunday school and church. Then we came home and ate some lunch. The best part, after lunch, we ALL took a nap. I love naps.
After we all woke up I had some errands to run. Haley needed a binder for school. Hers already broke. I had to get some laundry soap so I could try and start washing some clothes. For the ones that do not know. I LOVE coupons. I can really save some money. I have lots of tips I can share. But, for tonight, I will share this one.
At CVS you can earn extra bucks and they really help. It's like free cash.
Today I brought a big bottle of Gain and paid .27 cents. It was on sale for $11.00, I had a .25 cent coupon from today's paper and then I had $10.50 in extra care bucks. How AWESOME is that.
You earn extra care bucks by buying something that CVS states you get so much in extra care bucks back. When you by the item you can also use a regular coupon and then you get the extra care bucks too.

The little girls did some finger painting today. Are they cute or what?

Everyone have a good Monday.

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jannie said...

Sundays really are wonderful, I agree. Isn't our God a wonderful God to provide us with a day that CAN be so refreshing! All we need to do is use it.
Keep smiling,
jannie bellows