Tuesday, October 20, 2009


For about an year now, Kyra has been getting a headache here and there. Nothing to bad. Of course Chiari is always in the back of our minds now, but. Well they have continued to become more often. I have started keeping a journal, but the past week she has had three. She screams and cries, holds her head and neck and says, "they hurt". Well as bad as it sounds, I have still been just pushing it under the rug. This morning, I thought she was sick. She had a cough, low grade fever. With how the flu is going around I wanted to make sure. I figured while I was there I was going to give him an update on the headaches and see what he thought.
Well she just has a cold. Wonderful news!
Her Dr. has suggested that we have an MRI done. He said, just the fact Wesley has it is a reason to need to know. But, the fact that she is having headaches and should not be at her age, we need to make sure nothing is going on. If she does have Chiari, we need to know how bad. If it is just a light case then we would just watch over the years.
The MRI has to be done at Childrens' because of her age. I do not have a date yet. I think I am numb. I have no feelings today. We know this is something we will have to watch in all the kids, but Kyra is the only one that has showed any signs so far.
Wesley is having a rough day today. I hope he gets some relief tomorrow.

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Jannie Bellows said...

Keep holding on to the truth..That is, "God will never leave you or forsake you" Heb 13:5b-6.
We love your sweet family and pray for you often.
In HIS service,