Thursday, October 22, 2009

In God's Time

"In God's Time". This has been hard for me to understand. I am now starting to understand it more. I am learning patience. I am learning to let God take over. Weeks before I have been trying to do everything concerning New York. When it did not happen in my time I was so upset. Well this past week, I have kept it out of my mind somewhat. Yesterday, I thought to myself when I woke up. "It happens today or it does not". Well we get the phone call. Wesley's case passed the review broad and he has an appt. Nov. 12th and 13th. It came on the best day. I was able to go to church and tell everyone. It happen in God's time. I have also had in the back of my mind, when a good date would be. The second week of Nov. was great. Blake's football is over with, Kyra's birthday had passed and there was nothing major going on. So the nurse says, "Nov. 12 and 13th is when we need to see him. PERFECT.
God, this is all God.

I really feel if there is any help for Wesley this is where he needs to be. We are going to fly up on the 11th. Tickets are already booked. WOO HOO!!! The 12th they will do all day testing. Then on the 13th we meet with all the Dr.'s. If it is found that he needs surgery, we will have to go back. If medication and physical therpy can work, then that will be set up here. Best of all, we will have all kinds of information on Chiari.

As far as Kyra. Because she is having around 1-3 bad headaches a week, the Dr. wants to rule it out. If Wesley did not have it, then they would probably not be thinking much about them. And the chance she has it is low. But, we need to know. Because if she does have it, we need to know how bad. If gone untreated and it's bad, she can have all kinds of problems happen. Like Wesley. The only way to find Chiari is a MRI. Because of her age she will be put to sleep. This will be done at Children's Medical. I do not have a date yet, or know how fast it will be done. Sooner then later I hope, so we can rule this out and move on.

Now we can plan and start getting everything ready. Thank you all so much for your prayers and help.
Love You All

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Our God IS Good!