Friday, October 23, 2009


Ok, coming up with a title is to much for my brain tonight ;)
Friday.. Again, already. Well the stomach virus has found the Bounds House. Ugh.. Haley had it first. Then Breanna and now we wait. You know those things spread like wildfire, no matter what you do. Hopefully it is over with I hope.

I had a trip planned with some friends today to go to a Pumpkin Patch with the little girls. Well, Breanna had to miss. Me and Kyra went. She had a lot of fun. As they played and had so much fun, I found myself thinking, "look at her, there is no way she has Chiari, she is so healthy". Ugh.. I can not help but worry. But, thats how Chiari is. One min. you are fine, the next you are so sick. I am going to call Monday about her MRI. Ready to get it over with.

The Chiari hospital in NY called this morning. Everything is still a go. No setbacks so far. The nurse did state that all MRI's and such will have to be done again there. She said the quality of the ones done here are not good. So I am sure the insurance is loving that, NOT. So we are waiting to here from them. Hopefully no setbacks because of insurance.
Our flight is booked, hotel almost. Everything else will fall together.

Here are some pictures from the pumpkin patch. Enjoy!! Look how happy she is :)

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