Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kyra Bug

Her MRI is going to be Nov. 5th at 3:00pm at Children's Medical. Many have asked, we have to go to Children's because at her age they have to be put to sleep. I really can not even explain how I feel. One day I feel so positive then the next I am a bundle of emotion. What scares me, is seeing her in any kind of pain. Just the IV in her arm, breaks my heart. Nov. 5th will be a hard day. But, we have to know. We have to know for her sake. If she does have it we need to know how bad, before things get worse. Hopefully it is nothing. I hope she just says it because she hears Wesley say his head hurts. I do not know. Only God knows. And, all I know is God has taken care of us so far and he will continue no matter what.

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