Monday, October 12, 2009

We are Ok..

I have calmed down and actually I took it well, compared to some of the other million times.
I had been sending the nurse coordinator e-mails, and was getting nothing back. So I called. She is on vacation! What, really? She said nothing to be about that, infact the last I heard she was going to be calling me. So I spoke with another nurse, that knows nothing and could not even find anything on her desk. She is looking into it and is supose to call me back, I do not look for that to happen.

This is how she explained the process. The nurse coordinator (Kathy), takes the cases in front of the review broad and then it goes to this other nurse (that I spoke with today) and she calls and explains everything and makes the appt. So to her knowledge Wesley's case is waiting to go infront of the broad. And since Kathy is on vacation, this will happen on the 21th. So unless something happens between now and then we are doing more waiting.

Ok. So yes I was angry. I mean really. Why? What is God's plan? I can not help but worry that this is a sign that it is not meant to be. We just want to know something, anything. How did the MRI look? When can you see him? Is surgery needed? Anything!
But, we are ok. Wesley just said, "thats my luck". :(
In the meantime, Wesley called his Dr. to try and get something for pain. We will see what they say.

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jannie said...

We have never stopped lifting you and your sweet family before the Lord in prayer. We, along with you, are waiting and hopeing.
The words of Isaiah come to mind...Chapter 40:28-31.
With the love of Christ,
Jannie and Ray Bellows