Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Day Has Come..

I explained everything to Kyra today. Well, not really. Because I really have no clue what exactly is going to take place. I explain why she can not eat and she just can drink. She says, "ok, can I still poop and pee". BHAHAHAH.. Love how nothing bothers kids. So, so far she is good. We are leaving around 12:30. MRI is at 3:00.

A lady from my church is a member on a cooking website. Anyhow, she came across a lady from Florida that her and her daugther have Chiari. They have gotten treatment in NY. I got to talk to her last night. We talked for over an hour. Terry, thank you so much. She was so helpful. She gave me a lot of information to take in. I am still staying very positive about NY. The downside is, I realize more and more what a horrible disease Chiari is and how Wesley will never be 100% again. And thats reality. I can only pray that a cure is found. For sure in my children's lifetime. Terry is going to be my rock. I am sure I will be calling her a lot. Especially while we are in NY.

It is amazing how God works. And no matter what we find out today, God is with me and my family. I can not sit and worry for years to come that one of our kids have Chiari. If they do, they do. We will deal with it. The important thing, is we keep trying to get Wesley well enought to enjoy his life, children, and grandchildren.

Six days until we leave. We have so much to do. Tomorrow we are getting our Christmas photos done. Theresa down our street is doing them. She is wonderful. You can get her information on the sidebar of our blog. We are doing them out at the Reba House. And what a beautiful day it is supose to be. I just want to have them done incase of surgery or anything.
Then on Saturday me and Wesley are going to a Marriage Seminar at our church. I am so excited about this. Not for sure how excited Wesley is, but at least he is going. My prayer to God, is, "please give Wesley two good days in a roll".
The past week he has been worse. Sick. He has had to call in some. His hearing is messed up in one ear and his headaches have been unbearable.

I will update as soon as I can tonight. Thank you all for thinking of us today and your prayers. I can feel all the LOVE :)

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