Friday, November 6, 2009


The Last 24 hours.
WOW. I have had to do some sleeping, crying, praying, thinking. Get my head back on right.
The day started yesterday with us finding out, that when New York ordered all the tests that Wesley would be needing, they denied everything. While this was all going on, we were getting Kyra ready for her MRI.
We started really quick trying to appeal the insurance company. As of today, Wesley's Dr. here has sent more progress notes, MRI, etc. to the insurance company. They have four days to make a decision. Hopefully that decision is YES.
Because of the time frame next week had to be canceled. NY is back up in the air. The next available appt. is Dec. 17th, but she did state if the insurance approves she can try and pull some strings to get him in quicker.
What does this all equal---more waiting.

Kyra got her MRI done and she was such a trooper. She was not able to eat after 9am or drink after 1pm. Well they did not even take her back until after 4:30. She did not get upset until about 4:15. She did great. They gave her some gas to breathe in first and she was out quick. That was the only part that got me. It was like she was dead. After they got her out, they put in the IV. She never knew anything. It only took about 30 mins. She woke up really quick. Infact the Dr. stated a lot quicker then most kids do. She was up and ready to eat. We took her out to eat. The whole process was a lot easier then I thought it would be. We just got the report back and she has NO sign of Chiari. Her brain was perfect. Nothing wrong. So she was either saying it because of Wesley or I may just need to get her eyes checked. Could be something as simple as that.
Here she is waiting to go back.

At first I regreted even having it done, but she did not know anything, so all is good.

This is Slush. Her new dog that she got at the hospital.

I feel better then I did yesterday. I feel like Satan is punching me in the face. Time and time again. I would be not honest if I said we were not struggling. We are.
Wesley is giving up. I want to, but something keeps me going and tells me to fight! With that being said we are going to FIGHT.

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Jennifer said...

Soooo thankful for the good news yesterday! Also so proud of your fighting spirit! I know Satan is attacking you guys, but your faith in God even during this terrible time is such a testimony for so many others. Will continue to pray for you all!