Friday, November 6, 2009

Kyra's Birthday

I have been eatting myself up because Kyra's birthday is Tuesday the 10th. She will be 4. Well I thought we were going to be leaving, so I was going to put her party off a few weeks. Hints, I have not done anything for it. Well, now we are not leaving. And, I just felt awful that I have nothing planned. Not that she even knows the difference, but I do. So, guess what. I pulled it together. She will be having her Chuck E Cheese party on the 13th, just like she wanted. Does not give her guests a lot of time, but hopefully at least a few get to come. If anything she has enough with her sisters and brother :)
So I am feeling better about that. I am making muffins and taking to her class on Monday. They are celebrating her birthday then.
I can not believe she will be four. She is the spliting image of me. More personality then looks. She was my child that came so quick, I got no pain medicine or anything. I will never forget her delivery. She was the best baby. So happy. And she still is to this day.

I have kept myself very busy tonight. I am feeling better and I am going to fight. I plan to get Wesley's spirits up :)

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Jannie Bellows said...

Dear Wesley & Kristy,
We have been gone but are now back home. I am trilled by the news of Kyra's MRI!!!!
As for the Insurance Company...we will have to pray on that one. In II Cor.12:10, Paul talks about his difficulties and says that from the weakness he becomes STRONG!
We are praying for you.
Much love,
Jannie Bellows