Saturday, November 7, 2009

Two Steps Forward and Three Steps Back

As I said, I was looking so forward to the marriage seminar at church today. We had to be there at 8:30. I knew that alone was going to be hard on Wesley, since he does not sleep very well at night.
Wesley is an amazing husband, father, person. I really mean that. Trust me we have our issues, but I am very lucky. Despite everything he got up this morning and we made it to church. He was feeling "ok", not "great". As the morning went along his head got worse. Somedays thats what it does. No clue why. And, thats the strange thing about Chiari. One minute you can be fine and the next minute you can be so sick.
So my lunch, he had thrown up, was pale, dizzy. He tried to walk it out, but we had to leave. But, he made it to lunch.
By the time we got home he was worse. At this point he could not walk straight, he was shaking, not talking plain. I knew it was a bad one. It has happen to him before but not in a long while. We decided to head to the ER. We knew he would not get it under control himself.
The rest of our Saturday was spent in the ER. They pumped him full of medicine. It did help somewhat. Basically they just said he had a bad headache, which caused everything else. He was there a while and we got home about 6:00.

Thanks to my mom today. She helped with all the kids. I knew Blake had not been feeling really well, but by the time we got home he had a high fever and cough. Not for sure what he has. It could be his asthma, because his chest is bothering him. Or could be the flu. I have medicine I am giving him and he already seems to be a little better. We will watch him and see.

What bothers me the most is I just looked at Wesley is the hospital bed and thought there is nothing I can do for him. There is really nothing these Dr.'s can do but pump him full of medicine. And I am trying so hard to keep faith that he will get better. I know there is no cure, but there has to be a better quality of life then what he is living.

Thank you to my many friends today. I am very blessed.

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Jennifer said...

Not only do you have a great husband, Wesley has an amazing wife as well! Praying he is feeling better today. Love you!