Sunday, November 8, 2009

What a Weekend

I ended up with Blake in the ER this morning. He was having trouble breathing and I could not get it under control. Well, he has bronchitis. He is already feeling better.
Two trips to the ER in one weekend. Better things to come, I hope.
I am good. I was not good all weekend. I had my moments. But, I am back on track and this week I plan to be a pest to the insurance company and get Wesley the help he needs.
When I give myself time to think it hurts that we are not leaving Wednesday. But, when the time is right we will be leaving. I really do have faith that he will get in, just going to take some convicing I believe.
So here is to a GREAT week ahead. Cheers!!


Jennifer said...

You be a bigtime pest! We will keep praying you hear some good news from the ins. company this week and that Wesley starts to feel better!

Momma "M" said...

That's the spirit!! Keep your chin up. It will happen.