Thursday, November 12, 2009


The dates this time should be a done deal. I do not know of anything that would set us back this time. Of course, I thought that last time too. HEHE.
After appealing with the insurance company, they came back and said they would pay for one test. The test they are paying for is an important one. So after talking to NY today, it has been decided that they best thing to do is this:
**NY will use the one test that the insurance company has approved, along with his brain MRI that he had done here not to long ago and with some X-rays that NY will be peforming. All of this is enough to see the Dr. and hopefully Wesley can get some help. If more test need to be ran, the insurance company is going to come more paying for them because he has seen the Dr. The insurance company told me that theirselves.
So we know that there is a big chance we will have to go back again or maybe even three times, depending on surgery if needed.
Because of all the paperwork that needs to come to us, Thanksgiving, Etc. the first time he could get in is Dec 3rd and 4th. 3rd being all the tests and 4th seeing all the Dr.'s.
We are praising God, as this is a START.
Wesley is not doing well. It has gone from about three bad days a week to about six. No joke! Now somedays are worse then others, but this is taking a big toll on not only him, but all of us.
We know more then ever now that God is in control. I still do not understand his plan or why this has all happen, but even if we never know everything, what we do know is God is on our side. I pray every night that Wesley does not lose sight of that. I worry about him a lot. Goodnight all. Tomorrow is a big deal. We will be partying with Chuck E Cheese for Kyra's birthday. She is so EXCITED!

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