Saturday, November 14, 2009

Busy Weekend

Friday at lunch we went and had Thanksgiving luncheon at Hyde Park with Blake. I love listening and watching him interact with his friends.
Then Friday night was Kyra's party at Chuck E Cheese. A lot of her friends came and she got a lot of nice gifts. Thanks to everyone!
Theresa, my neighbor, that takes pictures she took all the pictures of Kyra's party so I did not have to worry about it. Thank goodness she did, because there were so many kids, it was crazy. Our poor host guy, it was his second night. I think we both confused each other several times. But, overall it was great party and Kyra had a great 4th birthday.
With how crazy our life has been the past few months and how sick Wesley has become, I worry about the small things and if we will be able to do them. I was so worried about Kyra's birthday interfering with New York and I wanted to make sure she had a birthday and felt special. Well, it all worked out. God is amazing!!
Here are some photos.

This is a friend of mine Buffy that made her cakes. She has made a lot of my kids birthday cakes. Her information is on my sidebar. She can do anything.

Ok, I will add more pictures another time they take so long to load.

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