Thursday, December 3, 2009

Costs And People

I am a very tight person with our money. I am the coupon queen, I save any penny I can. Sorry, thats how I am. Ok, things are just to expensive here. I mean how do people live.
$10.25 a person to see a movie.
$50.00 to eat at a cheap place.
We saw some signs for houses that were for sale. For a house our size. 4 bedroom 2 bath, not even as nice as what we live in now. $885,000. WHAT? There were a lot of the houses over a million. How do people live here? Where do they work? It is just more then my brain can wrap around. WOW.

Does anyone smile here? Well, I have maybe found one person that does. No one is friendly. And, oh my gosh do they get in a hurry. I almost peed my pants in the taxi. No one believes in stop signs here either. Crazy!!

Tonight we just stayed local and walked to a theater which was very close and saw the Blind Side. Very good movie. I think I am even closer to my decision that I have been trying to make.
Sandra Bullock reminded me of myself in many ways. I LOVE helping people. I LOVE people. I got a Social Work degree for this reason. Well that was a big reason why I did. I have been trying to decide what I am going to do when Wesley gets better. Do I want to work in Social Work and go back for my masters or do I want to teach. As much as I think I would love teaching as well, I think my heart is in Social Work. Even know I would change so many kids lives by teaching, I think Social Work is where I need to be. I am going to continue praying about it. But, this movie really made me think tonight.

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