Thursday, December 3, 2009


It is so different here. I have been to downtown NY about 13 years ago. I do not remember much, but I am just not liking it here. Sorry, thats the truth. We have not went downtown yet. We are actually on Long Island. We figure after the Dr. tomorrow and Saturday we are going to go downtown. I may like it better there, but I just feel lost. We did not rent a car, so we just feel stuck. The taxi's are so expensive and the bus is ok. We have experienced both so far. We may take the train to downtown. There is no subway here in Great Neck.
I get home sick very easily. I am already home sick. I miss the kids bad. They miss us.

The day started with us leaving the hotel.

Here is our hotel. Home away from home.
Someone had the ideal of walking, (yes that would be me, I will admit). I am so tight and I wanted to save money. Well, bad ideal. LONG WALK.
We had to stop for a break. Yes, we are out of shape.

Here is where we stopped. A nice little park. It was beautiful here today. Temp. was in the low 60's and just felt amazing. As we were sitting in the park I saw a squirrel and it was grey. A grey squirrel. Ok, I was amazed by this. Did you all know there were grey squirrel's? And, no I wish I would had gotten a picture, but I did not.
But look what I did see. Check out this mailbox!

We finally got to the hospital. Here it is!!

Today was tests. Not as many as he should have had, thanks to insurance. But, we can only pray that it is enough. Tomorrow is the big day :)

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