Monday, December 14, 2009


After seeing the Dr. today,my little bit of hope is gone. Kyra has Chiari, along with some kind of Pituitary Problem. The report clearly said there was a fluid problem along with her brain falling down. They just did not classify it as Chiari. Which, like the NY Dr. said, whoever did the report was probably not used to seeing Chiari on an MRI. She is being referred to a neurosurgeon at Children's Medical. Thats all I know at this time. Thanks for your continuous prayers. I have really felt God with me today. I was prepared for this.

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Brandi said...

Hey, this is Brandi (Sandi's sister), she wanted me to check in on you guys. I just read the post.She would love to talk to you in a few weeks when she is feeling better. Sandi's email address is
Will you email her your phone number so she can call you.

She would like to talk with you about Chiari. Praying for your family!