Saturday, January 23, 2010

Awww.. The Weekend.

We slept in today and it was nice. I am very lucky, usually my kids sleep until 8:00, but even then they just get up and turn cartoons on and let me sleep. Well, until they are hungry.
Remember a few weeks ago, I showed me painting the hallway. Guess what, it is still not done. Ha! I am getting it done today, promise. Maybe I should not promise, but it is on my to do list. First, I have a double baby shower that I am helping with. How exciting!!

The last few days have been hard and that would be why you have not seen much of a post. Me and Wesley (especially Wesley), have really taken the news about Kyra hard. I am feeling a lot better. I see God working everyday. The insurance is working on the MRI, so they say. Ugh. I should hear something on Monday. I seem to be in no hurry, even though I should be. In a hidden way, I do not want to know, but I know we have too. She is doing pretty well. A few issues, but nothing really bad.
Wesley was sick yesterday. We know there will be days like that. :(

Update on prayer list:
* Bobby (my aunts husband) is still in ICU, but doing as well as expected. The tumor was removed, and the cancer had not spread. PRAISE GOD!! Now, time will tell.
* Choweta (Wesley's aunts mother), had her neck surgery and her back surgery is next week. She is doing as well as expected with everything she has been through. PRAISE GOD!
* Wesley's mother is doing much better. She really scared us. I talked to her yesterday and she sounded so good.
God is amazing. Hearing all the good news has really made me feel better. It is so easy to really get down when so many around you are suffering.
Thank you for your prayers.

My career door is still open and I will know more soon. I feel like this may not be the best time, but God is in control if that. Last night, I was thinking. "God, this is not really a good time, but I have been telling you, that I am putting it in your hands and what happens will happen". Well, your hands are open and I am moving forward. Time will tell.
Everyone have a great Saturday.

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