Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We are Ok

I feel better today. Actually I really think I took everything better then I had feared. I want to "heal" Kyra so bad. I would take Chiari anyday, if that meant none of my children would have it. Wesley would take another brain surgery, if that meant the children would not have it. Only God can heal.
Two years ago our life seemed perfect. It is amazing what can happen in a course of two years. I would had never imagined that we would go through a trial like this. Really, through all the bad I see God working in our life everyday.
Does this mean I am not sad, NO; I am very sad. I have cried and cried. Just looking at Kyra, I cry. It breaks my heart. I do not want to put her through surgery. NO, I do not. If she has the fluid on her spine, my heart will break. Because then we have no option. I am not for sure we have much of an option anyway. But, right now I want to keep Kyra just like she is. With that being said, I do not know what will happen.
We are waiting on insurance, we should hear tomorrow when the MRI of her spine will be. I pray so hard that there is no fluid on her spine, because then at least we have options.

I do ask that you say a prayer for Wesley. He is not taking this well. He is scared to death that she will have a complication like he did. He does not want to put her through surgery. It is breaking his heart. Right now, we can not even talk without shedding tears.

Kyra had a good day! Here are two of my cuties.

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