Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Kyra

What a long day and Kyra was such a trooper. We did not get the news we wanted. The Dr. says she needs surgery. Her Chiari is actually worse then we thought. Her CSF fluid is starting to get blocked. It was moderate. There are signs that she may be collecting fluid on her spine. She will be having a MRI done of her spine very soon. If she has fluid on her spine, there is nothing to consider she has to have surgery ASAP. If there is no fluid, then the decision is up in the air. She will only get worse with time. The Dr. already wants it on the books, we are thinking and praying; also waiting on the next MRI. Wesley does not want to believe this, he is so scared that she will end up like him. We are very saddened. We will know more after the next MRI. My heart just breaks.

She was such a trooper today. So happy! She has no clue whats going on.


Marla.z said...

Awww, I'm sorry that you got such bad news. *thinking of you*

Beth said...

Please let me know if you have ANY questions regarding surgery. Ayden was 4 1/2 when he had his decompression surgery. His neurosurgeon is very conservative when it comes to operating and we knew it was severe when he recommended doing surgery right away. It has been 1 1/2 years since surgery (hard to believe) and he's doing GREAT! I just pray you'll have the same outcome with Kyra.


Sandi said...

praying for you all. I am so sorry you all are having so many problems. It has been 6 weeks and a day since my surgery and i am doing great. I start vestibular physical therapy next week. God Bless You all!!