Friday, January 1, 2010

Haley's Letter

Haley wrote this letter in her scrapbook and I wanted to share it with everyone. Yes, I got her permission.

My life is different from a lot of my friends. I have one brother, two sisters, and two parents. I have a dog named Gabby. I love all the gifts that are given to me and I am thankful for what I have. My dads name is Wesley. My dad was diagnosed with Chiari, a rare brain disease in June 2008. He still is struggling with it, but whatever happens we are all giving him love and prayers and we are getting through this together. He is a police officer and he loves his job and loves all of us. My moms name is Kristy, she is a stay at home mom. She almost always takes and picks us up from school. She has done a lot of research on Chiari and knows a lot about it. That is good for all of our questions. My brother's name is Blake, he is a video game addict; he loves Mario games. He is a lot of fun and I could not live without him. My sisters are fun too. My four year old sisters name is Kyra. She was diagnosed with Chiari, just like my dad. Hers is not as bad as my dads, but it is still sad to know that she has it. My two year old sisters name is Breanna. She is cute and loves to play outside. She is the one I usually never fight with, but I love them all equal. I have to say I am unique, you will never find another girl like me.

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