Saturday, January 9, 2010

Productive Saturday

My plans today were to have a very productive Saturday. At the end of the day I did. But, the day started with a pipe that froze and water flooded our bedroom. Happening about 9am and at 10:30pm we are still getting water up. Fun!! It has been happening to a lot of people. It is just so COLD. It could have flooded the whole house, so I should not complain.
I decided last night that I going to start a painting project. My plans were to repaint the hallway and redo my pictures and do some different decorating. It took about four hours and Haley helping me, but we got it painted. Not near being finished, with my decorating, but when I am you will see pictures.

Even though the day started rough, I ended up getting a lot done. YAY me.

Wesley has had a pretty good day today. If he just start getting sleep at night, I think he will feel even better. One day at a time! Right?
Kyra felt bad this morning, but got better as the day went along.

I need you all to say a prayer for me. I have really been asking God to lead me in the first direction. I need to start working bad. You all know from previous posts that I have really been struggling with what direction to go with. Teaching, or Social Work. Or any job I can get.
A job came up that I have applied for. I am not positive that I want it. I need God to help me. It is good money, but will be more hours and stress then I am really wanting. My finger prints should be back this week and I can start subbing. I just do not know how much work it will bring. Or income! Just not for sure what I need to be doing. We will see. All I do is pray and see what happens next.

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