Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I can not take credit for this. A friend posted it on facebook, but I like it.
P- Pray
U- Until
S- Something
H- Happens

I like this. You must always keep praying. God hears us. What we pray for might now always happen or when it does it will be in God's timing. But, we must pray.
"God's timing is not always great, but we MUST trust in him"

Tomorrow I am entering into a career opportunity, not sure where it will lead. I feel the time is not great. If it is meant to happen it will, but I feel I need to take this chance and see. For me and our family.

I am feeling a little better today. Still hurts to swollow. Maybe I am losing some weight :)

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Sandi said...

Still praying for you all. I know it is so hard now with your child-the most precious thing in the world- is dealing with Chiari. I started my vestibular physical therapy. My vision still has not improved. Very sad about that. Praying God heals with time and gives me the patience to wait.