Monday, February 22, 2010

Much Needed Update

I am sorry I have not updated. Everyday I try and it has just not been happening. A lot going on at the Bounds house. Let me first give a health update.

Hard for me to give an update on Wesley. I do not want to say he is still not doing well, because I think I can say he is better then he was, but at the same time I can say he is not doing well. Does that make sense? Ugh. It's hard to type because we had hoped he would be better . We now realize he is one of the Chiari Patients that will always live in pain. It may overtime get better. It may get better when the shunt settings are adjusted; only God knows that. But, we are hoping and praying he gets better then he is. But, out of a week now he is only really has a bad day about one day a week. Thats GREAT compared to how he was. So we move on getting used to our new "normal". I am just thanking God that we still have Wesley. I have never shared this because it is hard. When we were in NY, the Dr. told us that another 24 hours, Wesley would had died. Yes, he said that. He said, we were actually so lucky that the infection caused by the fluid leak did not go to his brain. Another 24 hours, he said it would had caused brain damage and then death. God is awesome! He looks over Wesley. So even though he will live in pain, we are just happy he is here.
Kyra has been doing very well. She had a bad day a few days ago and that was the first one in over a week. So, I think it is safe to say she is not getting worse at this point. We can not get her into the Okla. City Dr. right now because of insurance. She is going to be getting on my insurance in three months. At that time we will try and get another opionin. At this point we just take one day at a time. We comfort her if she has a bad day.

We have been very busy. Sports are starting. Haley plays softball. Blake plays baseball. Kyra is also playing this year. Hers is not as big of a deal. They do not start until the end of April and do not play that often. But, three in sports makes for a very busy mommy. But, I love it. I LOVE watching the kids play. Haley finds out Tuesday what team she made and if she gets to play catcher which she is really hoping.
Our carpet is being laid in the bedroom that flooded as I type. We had to take everything out of the bedroom. Can you imagine what my house looks like. Ugh. But, it will be worth it.
Just been busy around here.

I start work in a week. I am very excited, but at the same time I am very sad. I have been crying a lot of tears. I am going to really miss being with the kids.This is going to be the next chapter in our lives. I feel like this job will be perfect for me. I love helping people and I hope I will be able to change a lot of lives. Stay tuned in for our next chapter. I will update as much as I can. Forgive me if I lose tough from time to time.

Please keep praying that Wesley and Kyra stay well and do not get worse. Love to all.

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