Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The News Is.....

Meet the new Family Based Safety Service Worker for Child Protective Services. WOW, thats a mouth full. Basically Preventive Care Worker. I begin March 1st.
Let me explain and say I am sorry to keep everyone waiting. I wanted to MAKE sure everything was in line. "My ducks were in a row". They are; I got the offical word today. I went through three phrases first. Which included a test and onsite interview. So this has been going on for over a month. After I got through the phrases. They had to perform driving history, background, etc.

Many know my degree is in Social Work. Which I obtained in 2005. Since then I have been at home with the kids. I have always dreamed of working for CPS. As many bad things that I have heard, and trust me some people have not been on broad with me. But, through that all, it has always been on my heart. The opportunity came up and I applied. I was sick when I went for the interview. I felt like it went HORRIBLE. I was SHOCK to receive a call the following week.
I really questioned God's timing. I have prayed, I have cried. Honestly I am scared! Not working in so long really worries me. So many thoughts go through my head. But, WE decided that I did not need to let this opportunity pass me by. I would REGRET it, if I did not at least give it a try. With that being said I start in under two weeks.

We can use the PAY and I can use the BENEFITS. Many many worries and what if.
More on everything later. I am worn out today. Valentines Party made up fromn Friday. I have ran errands all day.


Jennifer said...

I am so very excited for you! You have such a wonderful heart...I know this will be a great job! Had fun with you tonight. Love ya!

Lisa Spurgin said...

Good for you Kristy! You can do this! God wants you to do this! It will be tough at first but once you and the rest of the family get the new routine down it will seem like you have been working for a long time. Just wake up every morning and give it ALL over to God and He give you the strength, time, whatever you need to succeed. Love ya'll.