Thursday, February 11, 2010


WOW!! The news is saying it has not snowed like this in 30 years; in a one days time. It is beautiful. School let out early and is starting late tomorrow. I would not be surprised if its not canceled, we will see.
Kyra is finally a little better today. I did not let her play in the snow. Not that she really cared. If it involves; getting hot, getting cold, or getting dirty. You can COUNT Kyra out. LOVE HER. She is just like me. Mini me! Really!!
Breanna was out long enough for Gabby to knock her down and then she was mad. Haley and Blake had a blast!

Enjoying it while it lasts. Will probably not be here for long.

Right before Christmas 2008 our baby Schnazer Boomer got ran over right in front of our house. The kids saw it. It was horribe. We have tried replacing him and just have not found a dog to work for inside like he did. Well we have a new family member. He looks a lot like Boomer and we named him Boomer #2. He has been wonderful. He is full blood Schnazer. Meet Boomer (#2)!

I must add. I know that some of you maybe losing sleep over what my news is. HAHA. NOT! Anyhow, I promise to share every detail very soon. Some loose ends are being tied up. Hold On!! Be patient :)

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