Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Peace when you never expect it!

Sometimes things in our life happen and you never really think why it happens. Sometimes you think, "what a pain". But, do you ever try and look at the bright side? I can speak for myself and I do not always look at the bright side. But, I can say I try.
Kyra has been sick. I thought maybe she had strep throat. All the normal signs of strep. I can usually look at their throats and tell if it is strep. I just could not see in hers. So I was weighing between, do I take her to the Dr. or not. Could be strep, could just be a cold. After four kids, I know that if she does not have strep then it just has to run its course.
After four kids I have went to the Dr. MANY times for there to really be nothing wrong. A wasted co-pay and wasted time is what it fault like.
Today felt like wasted money and time. Kyra just has a viral infection. Probably just a bad cold and it has to run its course.
As I was driving home I thought, "Kristy, look at the positive of this visit". God is amazing. God gave me some peace today. I called one of my friends as soon as I figured it out. HEHE
My peace:
When the Dr. walked in our room he says, "Hello. Well, I got the progress report from Kyra's neurosurgeon and I see he wants to do surgery". I said, "Yes he wants to, but we are not going to". "Not at this point anyway". Dr. looks at me and says, "really". So I explain. I felt a lump in my throat. What if he thinks like the surgeon; did we make the wrong decision?
After I explain, he smiles and says, "Kristy, I think you made the right decision".
He explains. Kyra is so young. Yes, her pains cause problems, but they can be maintained and have treatment with medicine. She is not having any BAD signs yet. Which would be passing out, losing vision, etc. I would wait 6 months to a year and she how she is then. Get another MRI in six months and go from there. He goes on to say that he believes the surgeon is excellent. He says when you are a brain surgeon, its like changing a flat tire. No BIG deal. But, to you, he says, it is a big deal. He thinks another opionin is not out of the question. But, for now he says to just keep a close eye on her.
Do you see? I thanked God. I needed to hear that. I needed to hear a man (Kyra's Dr.) that I have known my whole life tell me that not doing surgery at this point is ok. That he agrees with me. I am not questioning myself near as much now.
She is on medicine for her bowels that she will pretty much have to live on. That may get better after surgery, but no promise. Tylenol for headaches at this point.
I want you to think hard of what God has done for you in the last week?

Prayer Request:
Wesley's mother is back in the hospital. Another infection, the Dr.'s think. Tests are being ran. She is not going well. Please include her in your prayers. She has had such a rough time and her body is just not healing like it should be. Thank You

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