Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pushing Along..

I had promised an update and that did not happen. WOW, this working leaves me no time but to sleep and I do not have much time for that either. I am feeling better. The first part of the week I was so tired, but I think my body is getting used to everything. Where do I start..
Wesley. Last Monday night he started feeling bad and continued to get worse. Fever shot up. He had been feeling bad for a few days, but to him thats normal and he did not think anything about it. We ended up in the ER Monday night. The Dr. said he has Strep, gave him a shot in the bottom and sent us home. We were relieved. Everytime we go to the ER, there is a fear that his brain is swelling and bad things will happen. So we were relieved. Throughout the night he did not sleep and just seemed to get worse. That morning I got up, had kids ready and was fixing to leave. The whole time I was getting ready he was coughing. I woke him, because the little girls were staying with him until my mom was coming. In the mist of all this Kyra was sick, so she was stuck at home too. He started to get up and told me he was having trouble breathing. I continued to push on and was fixing to head out the door. I will be honest I had one thing on my mind and that was work. I thought with him just having strep, that he would rest and get better. I was getting into my car and Kyra ran out and yelled 911.
I ran in the house to find Wesley blue and having trouble breathing. He was shaking really bad and then started throwing up. I called 911. I ran and got my neighbors. One of them stayed with us and his wife took the kids to school. When the EMT's got there, they loaded him up quick. They could not get him stable. Could not get an IV in, because he was shaking so much. Could not even get his blood pressure checked. Within about 30 mins, they got him stable enough for them to drive. While all this is going on I call my mom and ask her to come NOW, that I had to call 911. She was there in 10 mins.
Cutting to the end of the story. His blood work and tests showed that he had a bad infection. The thought was that there was a possibly that it had went to his brain. He was sent to Dallas. Another neighbor came and took me home, I packed a bag and left. We were at Zale Lipshy in Dallas by 3:00. By 6:00 we had learned that he just had a bad infection brought on my strep and that it had not affected his brain. Praise God! Such a scary day. Wesley stated that he has never been that scared. He stayed over night to run medicines. Finally yesterday morning (Saturday) he became fever free. He was very sick all week. Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you to my friends and wonderful neighbors.

I worked all week besides Tuesday. I got really lucky, it was a state hoilday, so it did not hurt me to miss. I had a really good first week. I really like it, so far. More on that later and some new pics to share. Have a good week!

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Heather Keener said...

so glad everything ended up ok. so scary!