Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Much needed post!!

Time flys, what else can I say! I have been meaning to post and the time just gets away from me. Let me start with my job. I love it. I am in training until June 18 then I graduate from training and start my own cases. Cps provides us with a lot of training and I get paid while I do it. Does involve driving to Arlington part of the time, but my mileage is paid. I am very tired and our life has changed, but overall I really like it. Once I get my cases I hope and pray I will really be able to touch some lives. I have been going out on cases with another worker, so interesting. I truely believe that there is hope for everyone, but they have to want to be better. God felt that the time was right. I think back on how many times I applied, how ever since I was in college, CPS was my dream. So strange that now is the time. But, I really love it. Thank you for your prayers.
Somedays have been hard just like I knew they would be. I do miss the kids. But, it is not as bad as I had feared. Wesley is doing so well with them. Even when he is sick he somehow manages to take care of them. Me and Wesley have really been struggling. Chiari puts a lot of stress on everything in our life. But, I think my job is really helping more then it is hurting. Amen!!

Baseball and Softball has started. We are back to eatting and living out of the van. Thats what it seems anyway. Good thing I love sports :)
I will post game times when I know them.
Kyra and Breanna both are in gymnatics now.

So if I am not working I am running around with the kids.

Should I bring up Chiari. Ugh. I do not really want to, but I know you all want an update. Kyra's pattern is getting worse. She is having more headaches and some are pretty bad. Her bowel and bladder problems are not any better. The bad news is I found out that both of our insurances will not cover the Oklahoma City Dr. At this point I am doing more research. I had a lady e-mail me about another procedure. I am going to look more into that before I say anything. We feel that the Dr. in Dallas is VERY good and knows what he is talking about. We still at this point do not want to put Kyra through the surgery. We feel it would be harder then what her problems are. I do know that the surgery will have to happen before we had hoped. I have been asking God to help Wesley, give him some peace. He NEVER wants to put her through surgery. This is really hard on him.

After Wesley's last scare, he was over the strep in about a week. It really took a toll on him. He is doing pretty well. He hurts everyday, but I honestly think it is just normal to him now. He knows there is nothing else that can be done. We just watch his shunt and prays in works for a while.

We took the kids to the Arbuckle Zoo this past weekend. It was so much fun.

Such an AWESOME Zoo!!!

I am not going to promise anymore ;) but I am going to TRY to blog more often. I miss it.

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Jennifer said...

Yea for an update. Of course I know so much of this because you are my friend in real life. ha! Sorry about the insurance not paying for Kyra...stupid ins! I am thrilled that you are loving the new job. I think it is the perfect job for you. Your compassion for others is showcased in this job. Can't wait to see what God has planned for you with this job. Love ya!